About and FAQ

who are you

I am a person called Lee Saturn who loves VNs and programming and wants to help others with tips. I am unaffiliated with any media outlet. I have never worked for a company that has published a commercial game.

you’re doing X wrong

Probably. If you have a better way to do X, given the constraints listed in the post, please share. I will probably link it.

why are you doing Y

Because I was curious. Usually somebody asked, too. Some approaches may be unorthodox because they are easier for humans who haven’t been programming for 5-50+ years to handle. Which is quite a few VN devs.

i want to see a tutorial about Z

Leave a comment. It may happen.

can i hire you for my VN

My plate’s pretty full these days, so I’m working with friends and friends of friends on select projects.

you have incorrect opinions about games


thank you

You’re welcome. Please enjoy yourself.